5 Photoshop Tools to Get Rid of Unattractive Image Backgrounds

Photoshop tools - real estate image editing

In real estate image editing, the photos we work with are not always 100% perfect to begin with. The process of photography may have captured moments that are less than ideal, reflecting the need to produce photos to harness the potential of fast-moving properties. On most occasions, we are faced with challenges of fickle and inclement weather, but these should not hinder us from completing the shoot.

Real estate photo editing software is key to making these photos look as if the backgrounds were perfect. The capability to transform backgrounds and situate the property into a warmer feel can increase the alluring vibe as opposed to something that looks cold and dreary. Moreover, this is one of the basics of real estate image editing that most photographers must sear into their brains, making it a valuable skill no matter what real estate photo editing software is being utilized. Hence, there is reason to deep dive into the tools that will be of help in this endeavor where Photoshop, being the real estate photo editing software of choice, should give optimal results when done right.

The Top 5 Tools You Need

Photoshop as a real estate image editing application provides numerous ways to achieve the same goal. The advantage of having such diverse methods is to be able to adapt to various property images that come in all shapes and sizes. Without further ado, here are the top 5 Photoshop tools you need to get rid of an unsightly background.

  1. Polygonal Lasso Tool

The Polygonal Lasso Tool is one of three Lasso Tools at your disposal for objects with straight edges, such as property exteriors. This real estate image editing tool works wonders for all shapes and sizes. The principle behind this tool is that it encloses the object of interest using a customizable selection and allows you to either migrate the object elsewhere or retain it while getting rid of the background. The latter is what we want in this real estate image editing technique so we can swap in a more eye-catching background to complement the property. The other two options – the magnetic lasso tool which is perfect for highly irregular objects. It is a more convenient option compared to the third which is the standard lasso tool primarily due to its ability to detect the contour of the object. If you stray away from the general shape, the magnetic lasso tool will out you right back on track automatically.

  1. Quick Selection Tool

The quick selection tool functions similar to the lasso tools but works in a different way. Photoshop as one of the highly coveted real estate photo editing software has the ability to create a selection based on brushing. Yes, you read that right. The quick selection tool is similar to the way brushing is executed. You click and drag it over a selection and the software will process the area to enclose a selection based on your movements. It might take a while though, as this real estate image editing tool will require repeated brushing to fully capture the specific object you want. After which, background removal can be done through preserving the middle by inverting the selection or cutting the object of desire out of the image and pasting it onto a totally new working canvas.

  1. Paint Brush Tool

More common in the toolbox of techniques is the paint brush. This tool is available across several real estate photo editing software for its basic function; to paint over the image. As crude as this might sound, brushing or painting over the background can be a way for you to get rid of that sky. The paint brush can be adjusted for size, so you don’t need to be very sensitive about your movements when using a larger brush. Furthermore, this real estate image editing tool can adapt to any color you want it to. Apart from the availability of pre-set colors, you can input an RGB or a CMYK parameter to get the exact blend of colors you require.

  1. Background Eraser Tool

This real estate photo editing tool can be found by clicking on the eraser icon and selecting the second option from the list. The principle of the background eraser tool is that it removes anything that contains the color it was programmed to removed. Contrary to its name, one might think it is a magical tool that automatically distinguishes a background from the property or objects within the image. Rather, it identifies the same pixels it was programmed to eliminate, with you at the helm of selection, and erases it from the image. The indication of this tool getting ready to sample a color is when a red circle appears outside of the crosshair. Simply click on the color you want to sample using your mouse and eliminate that ugly background without worrying about messing up the photo. Be careful though not to sample another color by accidentally hovering the red circle over another set of colored pixels. Make your eraser bigger to remove a larger area without worrying about sampling a different hue.

  1. Pen Tool

Another option is the pen tool. Utilizing one of the basic real estate image editing tools available allows you to draw around a sophisticated shape, even setting curves. You might want to draw a c-shaped or s-shaped curve to make it simpler rather than making multiple anchor points around a curved object which would be an editor’s nightmare. The pen tool in this real estate photo editing software might just be the most powerful and most flexible tool you can use, but do not discount the simplicity for less functionality, this one can really pack a punch.


Whenever you find a property image that looks like it needs some work, always remember that real estate image editing can waive its wand and cast a spell of magic to turn it into something awe-inspiring. Armed with a real estate photo editing software, the job is considered done, and all that needs to be considered is the how. The multitude of ways to skin the cat the task at hand will surely make the process easy to do while ensuring the highest quality of background removal.