A Photographer’s Top Selections for Best Photo Editing Software

best real estate photo editing software

Every craftsman requires a set of tools to work with. In order to deliver the work of art, the hardware (and software in this case) must be employed to churn out one heck of an output. Photographers are their own craftsman with their enhanced images the artwork. In this scenario, a photographer’s main tools include the camera, tripod, flash, and the real estate photo editing software. The former three enable the photographer to capture the stills which can be enhanced further through the computer and the software.

Real estate photo editing software has taken the form of numerous names. In recent years, these software have been popping out both left and right, introducing free-to-use applications and developing iterations of the more familiar ones. When it comes to real estate photo editing, a photographer’s choice should never settle for anything less than excellent. This is why a careful selection requires proper research that turns the process into making an informed decision, one that equates to comfort and peace of mind for the hardworking photographer.

What are My Spending Options?

There might be concerns surrounding the cost of the real estate photo editing software. This might cause hesitancy when making a selection but what we can say is that the cost of procuring this application will surely pay dividends down the road. There are also many different ways real estate photo editing software are priced and here are the three most common.

  1. One-time fees

The software that charges one-time fees will normally be priced a tad bit higher but looking at the prospect of shelling out money only once can help ease the pressure of trying to constantly find the budget to pay for it. This might also be easier to pay for some as paying for it at the start will free you from any debt to use the software. What you might find yourself paying for in the future is perhaps an add-on that you would want to have and serve as an additional feature in the application.

  1. Subscription Models

It is not necessarily the most common payment model out there, but it is one that most people go for. The subscription model works like a recurring fee on a monthly basis that enables you to continue using the software. The upside to this is that it is a predictable amount that can be budgeted for, and for some people who prefer to motivate themselves by “working to pay the bills” can easily cover the cost of the real estate photo editing software.

  1. Free-to-use software

Yes, you read that correctly. Seek and you shall find. There exists some real estate photo editing software that do not require payment. However, not all of them retain the same standard of execution as most paid software do. Find the ones that offer the best features if you are in a rut so you can still perform the tasks you need without spending a penny.

The Top Choices for Photo Editing Software

Here we take a peek at the best choices you can go for, paid or not, which will ultimately deliver the real estate photo editing experience and results you seek.

  1. Adobe Photoshop – This has probably become the household name in real estate photo editing. Adobe Photoshop has been in the game for over three decades, making it one of he oldest and well-known software for this industry. It has all the toys you need to make the enhancements happen and takes care of the nitty gritty tasks that require a lot of attention by providing a tool that suits every situation.
  2. Adobe Lightroom – Lightroom followed 17 years after the initial launch of Photoshop. It became a spinoff as part of the Adobe package that can also be used independently in real estate photo editing. It boasts of its organization capabilities and features which sets it apart from the rest while allowing you to execute the enhancements you require. It might not be as complex and sophisticated as Photoshop, but it can surely measure up to the challenge.
  3. GIMP – Gnu Image Manipulation Program or GIMP is one of the free-to-use software that can match the intricacies of a paid subscription such as Photoshop and Lightroom. Also, for those who are into programming, GIMP can integrate with programming software across the operating systems of Mac, Windows, and Linux. This results into a great deal of customizability if you are not satisfied with he current offerings.
  4. Luminar 4 – As a highly intelligent real estate photo editing software developed by Skylum,, Lumiar 4 does not disappoint. It is one of that software that require a one-time payment and the maintenance and updates that follow will be absolutely free. This is also a good choice for its easy-to-use interface which beginners can start off with. It was developed with artificial intelligence which enables easier execution of real estate photo editing techniques as the program aids the user in making the complex tasks easy.
  5. Snapseed – This is a free-to-use option that is also compatible with mobile devices. It is now owned by Google, giving it a potential in terms of growth for the future. The tools available within this software application is impressive. It has the complexities of a desktop-based software such as brushing and something as macro as pre-set filters. The basics can also be executed over on this app so any adjustments on color, brightness, and hues, can still be possible.


Real estate photo editing software is a non-negotiable tool for every photographer. It helps translate the enhancement imagined from the cranium all the way to the computer. While there is an abundance of real estate photo editing software out there, not all of them can suit the needs you have. In fact, some may outperform others in ways that will leave you in awe. Furthermore, it is important to make a decision based on what the software can do and not how much they cost. Spending on subscription will, in proportion, be negligible to the potential earnings you can get from investing in it. Hence, the selection must be done carefully and in the spirit of looking for what suits you and your real estate photo editing needs.