Best DSLR Cameras for Real Estate Photography in 2022

Best DSLR Cameras for Real Estate Photography in 2022

In real estate photo editing, the perfect camera never exists. This is due to the many variables that you must consider when making a selection such as features, use cases, and depth of complexity. Your camera, by its price, won’t dictate how good it will be. It will depend on your chosen real estate photography DSLR camera settings and here, we’ll take a look at the best DSLR cameras for real estate photography in 2022. Now, it isn’t fair to say that one stands out above the rest. Again, it is purely based on how the photographer utilizes their hardware.

Prior to making a commitment with a camera you want to purchase, get to know first the differences in how cameras are built. This gives you an idea on what features you want and specs as well as the usability in them. There are offerings such as mirrorless cameras which have advantages, and its own cons. DSLRs or digital single-lens reflex cameras will also have reasons for you to buy and not to buy. At the end of the day, it will boil down to what you need.

Lastly, in utilizing the max potential of your camera, you will need to know how to work your way through it. Even if you have purchased the best camera for real estate photography, it won’t mean anything if you can’t even bring out blockbuster images.

Full Frame DSLR vs. Full Frame Mirrorless

Prior to getting a camera of choice is it fair to say that a DSLR will surely carry a lot more weight. The mirror inside will require a sturdier case, not to mention the increased material that comes along with it. A mirrorless camera will then be lighter. The absence of a mirror will not allow light to bounce off to a viewfinder and goes straight to the sensor. But aesthetics aside, even the best camera for real estate photography should not hinge on one characteristic alone.

Let’s start with the pros of the DSLR. It doesn’t consume much power due to its analogue features. It does not solely rely on screens; you can see what the lens sees and not something that is transmitted into a screen on your camera much like mirrorless ones do.

Mirrorless cameras will surely have its advantages, but we’ll discuss that in another time. For now, let’s focus on the best DSLR cameras for real estate photography in 2022.

What is the Best Camera for Real Estate Photography?

Look no further as you start to upgrade or buy your first camera. Check out this list for the best DSLR cameras for real estate photography in 2022.

Canon EOS Rebel SL3

Coming in at 24.1 megapixels, the EOS rebel SL3 is surprisingly a light-weight camera that comes at a pretty penny. But don’t get discouraged, it does carry a good set of buttons which you will find ergonomic and easy to use.

anon EOS Rebel SL3

Nikon D850

The sensor of this camera allows better exposure and light reception and coupling it with the 46 megapixels it offers, even the darkest images will be brightly visible.

kon D850

Canon EOS R

Now, the second offering from canon on the list comes at an amazing weight of less than 1.5 pounds. It carries a touchscreen, and this could be a good camera for beginners with its high ISO range, perfect for the real estate photography enthusiast. Also, with the price of less than $2,000, it could easily be a favorite among these choices.

Canon EOS R

Sony A7 III

In this list of best DSLR cameras for real estate photography in 2022, the Sony A7 III might be one that you’d like to get to know more before pursuing it. Its use for real estate photography can be discovered through the vast compatibility of lenses, allowing a ton of possibilities.Its sleek design could woo you right into its arms as the aesthetics on this one is surely a winner along with its 24 megapixels.

dslr cameras - Sony A7 III

How Can I Make My Real Estate Pictures Look Professional?

Pointing and shooting from a camera that you may perhaps grabbed from the list of Best DSLR cameras for real estate photography in 2022 won’t put together the masterpiece that you’d hoped for if you cannot execute it properly. Remember, these machines won’t work itself and the photographer’s skill will drive the output from it. Here are some tips and tricks to get some respectable snaps.

Shoot at the Hip Level for Interiors

Capturing a photo from the eye level is a big no-no. You will not be able to capture the floor and what it has to offer in terms of material and detail to the potential buyer and such a selling point could simply go to waste. It also creates a different perspective, one that is uncommon for most people to see when they see property interiors.

Find Depth and Perspective

Sometimes a shot that is curated and well planned can capture the hearts of people looking to find the coziness and beauty that is actually offered by the home. Try to look for a solid distance to shoot from when inside homes and try to get the end of a hall for instance, and this can create a charming view in itself.

Final Thoughts

Again, in this list of best DSLR cameras for real estate photography in 2022 is a list to help you get the ball rolling. Your best bet could or could not be in this top 10 list, but the reality is, you need somewhere to begin your journey, and this might be a good place to start. Also, the best camera for real estate photography will not always give you the photo you need. As much as a fast car is speedy, it won’t reach its max potential without the properly trained driver behind the wheel. Same with the camera. Without the trained photographer to point and shoot it in angles and views that matter, it will just be another piece of machinery raining a battery. That said, find a camera that meets your needs, gets you the shots you require, and provide you the satisfaction in quality you deserve.