Best Video Editing Software for Your Real Estate Photography

Video Editing Software for Real Estate

These days, it isn’t enough for real estate photography to capture the still that thrills the audience. Modern times call for more forms of real estate advertising and this creates a whole new world of creative thinking for any realty editor. Let’s walk through a scenario. Buyers nowadays are no longer constrained to the inhabitants living within any country as the international borders throughout the years have been bridged by the internet. Therefore, people can purchase properties in countries where they are legally able to but do not necessarily have the time to view it physically. This is where real estate photography comes in. People can view and choose from numerous listings available online from anywhere in the world and take steps to make a purchase from there. A realty editor specializing in helping their clients sell these properties must be able to showcase every inch of the home through photos and videos to convince the person on the other side of the screen that this property is worth buying.

Now, in the course of real estate photography, real estate video editing has come to light. It has gained traction and more importantly, the attention that makes it all so relevant in the process of selling. If we go back to the scenario of selling remotely and giving the power of selection to the buyer through his device, then real estate video editing is key in bringing more interactivity to them so they can make an informed decision as well as a chance to marvel in the best homes available out there. Having said this, there are real estate video editing software that have sprung out of the deepest minds of application developers which can be accessed by any realty editor.

So Which Ones Can You Use?

In this list, we show the ones that have been in the market for quite some time and those that are just starting to make noise. Real estate video editing, as a core feature of most applications, brings together the photos and videos that make up the listing more palatable to the buyer from his device. Without further ado, let’s check out the available real estate video editing software in the market.

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Realty editors and real estate photography professionals would definitely love to get their hands on one of the well-known real estate video editing software that launched in 2003 and evolved to its latest iteration, a Pro version. This application is highly capable of editing color, light, and overall feel of any real estate video, clearly making it to the shortlist of real estate video editing software options. Best of all, any realty editor already using Adobe products will be familiar with the user interface of this program.

Adobe Premiere Pro - Video Editing Software

  1. Adobe Photoshop

Yes, you read that right, Adobe Photoshop is also a real estate video editing application. While the experience might not be as extensive as the Premiere Pro, real estate photography enthusiasts and professionals alike will be surprised at how this software can perform a range of color corrections, create stunning effects, manage sound, and many more. So, if you already have this in your computer, look no further as this real estate video editing software can do the job as well as its cousin.

Adobe Photoshop - Video Editing Software

  1. Magisto

For a free web-based app, Magisto is pretty amazing. Realty editors who wish to induce a level of emotion into their videos to complement the story they would like to tell in the tour will be assisted by Magisto’s Emotion Sense Technology. It can detect objects, movements, their speed and behavior, and overall, simply creates a suggestion for you to easily come up with a video with. As a real estate video editing app, this gets more than two thumbs up.

Magisto - Video Editing Software

  1. Animoto

Animoto is a cloud-based software that boasts easy-to-use functions and a user-friendly interface. It has a drag and drop function to easily attach and upload files that would render the video more creative such as music and pictures. As a real estate video editing application, the range of tools is extensive enough to compete with a paid application which could be a great alternative for any realty editor.

Animoto - Video Editing Software

  1. Pinnacle Studio

With a more-than-average price tag, Pinnacle Studio is surely worth every penny. It can edit 360-degree videos, create video masks, improve color, and work with multi-cameras editing different videos at the same time. The power of this real estate video editing software will be a treat for real estate photography professionals as well as realty editors because of its dedicated core functions to motion picture editing. Its interface is familiar with the basic Window’s editor, which means if you can work your way around that, then Pinnacle Studio will be familiar to work with as well.

Pinnacle Studio

  1. DaVinci Resolve

Another one of those all-arounders is DaVinci Resolve. Realty editors will be in for a world of editing as this real estate video editing application can do it all from visuals to audio. Best of all, you can work on different projects on different ‘workspaces’ and with the organization functions built into this software, you will never get lost with the simultaneous work at your hands. It is as powerful as Adobe Photoshop is for images, allowing you to remove objects, reduce noise, sharpen the image, and the list simply goes on and on.

DaVinci Resolve


Again, real estate photography is no longer just the usual images that get posted on ads. A complete listing now relies on being able to bring the complete experience through videos by giving the viewer much more to tinker with and make themselves comfortable with a choice that rests completely within their hands. As a realty editor, it is imperative to always look at what software is available in the real estate video editing space as some photo editing applications do not have the capability to enhance these files. By doing so, you are putting your client and yourself in a position to succeed and in aspiring to always bring the best out of real estate photography, create a better persona of a realty editor in you.