Some Guidance on Commercial Real Estate Flash Hotspot Removal

commercial flash hotspot removal

Ever had to shoot a photo and find it too dark, only to turn on the flash and everything looks like it’s been lit with a spotlight in all directions? Well, this is the reality of most photo shoots done on interiors and hence the relevance of commercial real estate flash hotspot removal. See, fixing flash hotspots in commercial real estate photos give it a glow that would otherwise look so uncomfortably humid or sweaty. That is the feeling hotspots give in real estate images as you continue to stare at the monstrosity and absence of commercial real estate flash hotspot removal.

So where do they come from? For one, your flash a source of flash hotspots or otherwise known as flares. They bounce off of walls, glass, and even furniture. If your photo consists of virtually staged tables, chairs, and couches and somehow only the walls exhibit this flare, you might consider flash hotspot removal in commercial real estate photos before they hit the listings. It could save you from a lot of scrutiny. Second is the sun. The hottest source of illumination that sought after by photographers is an enormous contributor of flash hotspots. It will be less obvious for exterior shots, but interior takes will absolutely require intervention by means of commercial real estate flash hotspot removal.

Fixing them is easier than you would think. Removing gobs of light on your real estate photos can done in a few easy steps as commercial real estate flash hotspots in Photoshop are as good as gone. But don’t stop there. Pummeling could get you done with your work but perhaps not in the speed you would have wanted. Add some scale into your work and doing so won’t be so complicated. Read on and find out more.

Defining a Flash Hotspot

Scientifically, the existence of commercial real estate flash hotspot removal stems from the fact that light does not behave 100% the way we want it to in photography. These flares are a result of light bouncing around (and not along) its intended path to get inside the camera’s lens. As a result, no photograph is safe and correcting them via a software application is inevitably in the horizon. However, there are cases where commercial real estate flash hotspot removal exists because of the inherent nature of the object. Some of them are natural occurrences or those that cannot be avoided. Check these out.

Window Glare

The material used in windows might allow us to see what’s on the other side, but it also has a reflective coating which light catches on and transform into a flash hotspot for photos. This imperfection manifest as a flash of light, bright and obvious more than the reflection cast on other surfaces making it a difficult sell. Commercial real estate flash hotspot removal could be in for a challenge when working with window glare.

Concentration of Light

Streaks of light coming from openings or intense sources may also appear to be quite the nuisance. These might come out as a glow or corona in some cases where the effect is not as visible to the untrained eye. It will simply make you feel less comfortable staring at it, wondering white might be wrong and that in itself is already a signal for you to critically keep an eye on everything that goes on in your photo.

Reflections on Walls

If you think only windows catch flash hotspots, think again. Walls are also susceptible to glare, and this only means your flash or source of light is too intense that it bounces off of these surfaces. They might not appear to be as blinding as opposed to windows, but they will still require some work to be done.

How Do You Fix Flash Hotspots in Commercial Real Estate Photos?

So now you whip out your trusty software application ready to fix the unsightly flashes of light in order to make your photo look warmer and inviting rather than ironically darker while using a source of light. Here are some basic steps you may want to consider when removing commercial real estate flash hotspot using Photoshop.

Create a Copy in the Layers Panel

Layers will never lead you astray especially if it’s just correcting certain sections. Go to the layers panel and add the layer to be a copy of the original image.

Use the Selection Tool

There are numerous selection tools to choose from but for this scenario where there is no need for pinpoint accuracy, the lasso tool may be the weapon of choice. Simply round up the area with the overly lit reflection and make sure you enclose it.

Let the Patch Tool Do the Magic

Utilizing the patch tool is the simplest way to cover a flash hotspot. It allows you to take a section of the same surface and copy it on top of the area you want to get rid of. The clone stamp tool may work just as good in this case so you may want to think about trying it out as well.

Adjust the Opacity Slider

To put on the final touches to commercial real estate flash hotspot removal, make the image blend in through adjusting the opacity so it doesn’t look like it was simply copied and pasted from another part of the photo.

Wisely Removing Those Bright Spots

It seems easy until you find yourself in a tight squeeze on deadlines. Outsourcing such services to experts like who you can depend on commercial real estate flash hotspot removal and many more could be the key to growth and expansion. For a price that won’t hurt the pocket, you would want to check them out and avail of their professional services at speeds you will definitely not believe.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. Fixing flash hotspots in commercial real estate photos is not as daunting as you think it is. While the camera does offer the wonders of the modern equipment with some flaws, it’s not the end of the world when there is a way to correct the imperfection. Try it out or better yet, outsource the job for better results overall on your end.