Doing the Best VR Photography for Real Estate

Doing the Best VR Photography for Real Estate

Photography for real estate has its merits. It has also stood the test of time meaning its importance is too critical to become obsolete. The way it brings the money in is unparalleled in many ways, making professional real estate photography one of the longest artforms in existence. In recent years, as technology as broadened several possibilities, the dawn of more realistic means has come forth. These are what most people call 3D tours or virtual reality tours. Photography for real estate has gotten a boost and is presented as if it were on steroids with a much beefier façade, allowing people to control the pace of going through the home and looking at it as if they were standing right there on the property.

Nowadays, having virtual reality in your arsenal does more than just give the reins to your potential buyer. It brings in trust and an experience that others won’t be able to provide as you are now giving a remote experience like no other. See, 360 photography for real estate, which is the same concept as virtual reality gives more than just stills. It provides depth of perception and allows for people to immerse themselves in the viewing experience right at their fingertips. We cannot always ask people to travel or fly in at once and with the availability of this technology, we can give them the option to filter and select before making the effort to physically come over.

Having said all this, it will be crucial to learn why virtual reality or VR is a necessity. Photography for real estate will indeed still be around but it won’t be able to hold its own against tough competition on its own. You must be able to complement it with the right accompaniment of materials and let them work together to bring nothing but the best user experience so you can deliver the intent of home photography for real estate.

Bringing People Closer with Virtual Reality


The essence of VR stems from the fact that it’s a representation of reality. People are able to take control and go into a world that’s completely different from where they are standing and as such, gives them the opportunity to experience something right then and there. Photography for real estate that deals with bringing this type of output needs to be crafted carefully. It doesn’t only require the usual DSLR, and the single lens attached to it. You may need to use multiple cameras or perhaps even special lenses. Some use a 360-degree camera to capture the scene. Whichever the case is, the important thing to know is that the process is as important as the output. You cannot show people what you cannot capture in the first place and that is why 360 photography for real estate exists.

Creating a VR Tour

Getting started with a VR tour should consider planning all the way to execution such that the transition from one stage to another is flawless. Your tour must not only be technically capable of delivering a seamless experience but also a visually appealing one to make sure the property is done justice.

Strategically Placing Cameras

Whether you choose to use a single specialized camera or multiple sets, you must locate them properly and strategically. You’ll always have to remember that photography for real estate must never show the person behind the camera. This is easier for a still shot but what happens now when the entire inside of a property is captured? Where will you stand or how will you even take the image?

Thinking About Your Style

Sometimes it’s not all about just leaving the viewer to tinker around the VR tour themselves. You may want to consider getting creative by having someone narrate for you or carry on the tour via real estate agent style and then give the control to the viewer as the agent walks through the property. Perhaps try and mix and match which creative style works and garners you the most audience and part of this is understanding how your output is received by the intended viewer.

Edit and Retouch


Just because the tour is already done via VR, it won’t mean that all imperfections are already solved. Photography for real estate, no matter in what form, still requires to be beautified because a camera will still bring all the inherent flaws it possesses. However, you may need to find software that specializes in VR formats. Your favorite software may not be able to recognize such file formats and thus, leave you hanging in the air not knowing what to do next.

Outsource as Needed

If it will be too difficult to execute this or if it will be your first few times, you may want to contract the expertise of services touching up home photography for real estate. This strategy could buy you more time to learn the technique or even time to procure the right software. The good thing about making this decision is the stress and time is not a burden to you and as such, gives you a chance to do what you need to do to adapt this technique to your skillset.

Final Thoughts

With all the things that photography for real estate brings, there is always the comfort of sticking with it. The thought of always doing the same thing will persist such as the retouching and enhancement but it might not get you further in the advent of advancement in technology.

Therefore, riding the wave of progress is the way to go. No doubt that VR will be here to stay. It’s not only a matter of time before it takes over as a staple and so getting ahead of the pack will give you a head start on bringing this experience to your clients and theirs as well. If you do not know where to start, just jump on your internet browser. You may be in for a treat for what you might find as you may also outsource this task and get the results you want.