Easy Ways to Remove Backgrounds When Editing Real Estate Photos

Easy Ways to Remove Backgrounds When Editing Real Estate Photos

We’ve all been taught whenever we do a job, that we seek the best way to do it. There are countless ways to find more efficient methods that ultimately contribute to productivity which are broken down into the elements of effort and time. This means that the less effort we spend, the less time we consume but the more output we produce. Editing real estate photos is one of those tasks that when done properly, will provide you the speed you are seeking without compromising the quality of the photo as clients will definitely be delighted with faster turnarounds for results they can enjoy. One of the more talked about needs for editing professionals in this context is removing backgrounds. Removing real estate image backgrounds can sometimes be a painstaking activity if you’re not as savvy or used to the methods available.

Take for instance the most known background removals in editing real estate photos. You have to choose from the wide variety of selection tools and trace the property to be able to retain it. This process alone is dependent on the complexity of the property’s outline and could take time if you cannot seem to get it right on the get go. After this comes the removal which others might consider as the easier part.

Just imagine this and doing it over and over again as removing real estate image backgrounds is a staple in this job. However, the difficulty shouldn’t always be the case. There are both paid and free apps to remove backgrounds and these provide a plethora of extended options to choose from to gain back that productivity you sorely need.

How Do You Improve Real Estate Photos?


As mentioned, background removal has always been a part of editing real estate photos. The goal of being able to enhance such images is to help properties move faster in the market, gaining a buyer faster through increased attention to photo attractiveness. This chain of events can be aided through the right transformations in the photo without going overboard on the retouching.

Now, improving real estate photos needs to focus on what buyers will set their eyes on. Sometimes it can be the entire image with extra emphasis on details, but ultimately here are some of the watch-outs to make editing real estate photos targeted and efficient.

1. Warmth

Creating a photo that invites a warmer tone has been proven by studies to help people bring out happier moods, thereby helping them make decisions in an uplifted spirit. This is why background real estate image replacement has been one of the more frequently used techniques. No one will be buying a property under cold and clammy circumstances, everyone wants to see a bright and sunny day.

2. Better Lighting

Illumination in editing real estate photos comes in several forms. There’s the natural sine of the light coming from the sun, then there’s the artificial brightness from interior lights or your flash and equipment. These contribute to the overall goal of wanting to present a warmer photo rather than a dead and lifeless image and are enhanced further through adjustments in editing applications.

Background Removal in a Nutshell

Carving out and removing real estate image backgrounds is a critical component on why we enhance photos. The two reasons above are just the overarching goals whereas background removal is the means to reach these goals. So what happens after? Sky replacement does. See, photographers cannot postpone shoots just because of crummy weather. If an overcast sky looms above, then the professional implements several techniques during the shoot to make the most out of the situations. It can mean techniques of pointing the flash to the sky to dissipate the light and make the photo look brighter or even add strobes to the set. But these can only do so much and post-processing will really have to step in.

In editing real estate photos for backgrounds, the intent is to remove the overcast sky and throw a bright sunny sky instead. It can mean putting in a stock photo which most professionals have in their arsenal, just waiting for the right opportunity to be brought out.

How Do You Remove Backgrounds from Real Estate Photos?

Let’s now move onto the techniques of background removal when it comes to applications. Take note, there are easier ways if you just look around the internet or choose to combine different techniques to come up with the result you desire. The bottom line is, editing real estate photos have developed into much more efficient methods in recent years with the advent of different offerings.

1. Online Editors

You can easily spot an online photo editing app which is sometimes offered for free. These can take the form of a specialized technique such as an app for virtual staging, or an app for background removal. Some incorporate algorithms so you can simply upload your image and the backend does the work so when it’s done, you can simply download your photo with the background all gone. Exercise caution though, as uploading your photos to the internet can mean allowing others to access your proprietary rights and you may end up seeing your photo out there claimed by others as their own work.

2. Artificial Intelligence

The next step in editing real estate photos has always been automation and nothing speaks louder than AI. Not all software have adapted such technology but those who did have experienced success in reception. Take for instance Luminar AI or Adobe Photoshop who have both embraced the promise of an easier and more productive edit using AI. The latter has recently made its sky replacement technique easier through removing the pains of tracing and selection and simply consolidating everything with a click of a button. Removing real estate image backgrounds has never been easier.

Final Thoughts

As we see background removal being a need for many years to come when editing real estate photos, we cannot stop but wonder if there will be easier methods and right now, there already are offerings which enable us to do this easier. The question now is, how will you take advantage of such convenience and make your real estate photo editing skyrocket to new heights?