How to Boost your Property Sales with Edited Real Estate Photography

boost property sales

Properties do not sell on their own. They are sold by real estate agents through presenting images enhanced by real estate photo editing. Without real estate photography editing, we might find that selling a property will be a difficult task especially with a lot of competition going around.

Polished Images

First and foremost, real estate photo editing ensures that the image is spic and span. It is made clean and presentable before it is show to the public. This way, the image can focus on what the property has to offer rather than distracting the potential buyer on all other blemishes and unnecessary objects. Polishing an image is not a one-shot deal. Real estate photography editing is actually a multi-step process that follows a set of proven techniques that when mashed together, forms a pristine and awe-inspiring image that every viewer would want to get their hands on.

  1. Color – Normally during photo shoots, the level of color will appear to be okay to the naked eye. From the trained perspective of the photographer the story may be different. They will know that a camera will represent colors and the way light represents it very differently. Some cameras would often focus and capture an image that leans towards a tint of some sort, making the entire photo ruined. Real estate photography editing ensures that these imperfections caused by distortions and inherent flaws within the camera are rectified such that the finished product will be close (or even better) to what the naked eye sees in person.
  2. Sharpness – Often, we take photos with the assumption that what we see through the screens of our cameras are good enough for post processing. What we don’t see at times are the blurred areas arising from shakiness or imbalance when snapping the photo. Sometimes the imperfection on clarity is so subtle that it takes a trained eye to spot it. But luckily, real estate photo editing provides a way to make sure even the slightest blur can be fixed. The reason why real estate photo editing is enabled to do such enhancements is because these flaws will be amplified once they are published for the public to see. Getting a step ahead in correcting this will ensure the best quality photo churned out of real estate photography editing.

An Emphasis on Beauty

Real estate photography editing is also a way for the image to be justified. Sometimes we believe a property is too gorgeous that it will surely sell in an instant, however, without the right emphasis on its beauty and selling points, the potential will simply go to waste. Hence, real estate photo editing must work to bring forth the true state of the property through the following techniques.

  1. Adjusting the right amount of light –The level of lighting can be achieved through the right mix of natural and artificial sources of illumination. Albeit sufficient, the littlest details will only surface with the right mix of shadows and lighting that allow people’s attention to be shifted into a particular area. Such a mix of depth and light can be achieved through adjusting the levels in most real estate photo editing software. This contrast can bring out subtle shapes and perspectives that will only be processed through the retina of our eyes, and while a physical visit is not always viable, then real estate photography editing would have to step up.
  2. Vibrance – Colors also play a significant role in bringing out the details and emphasizing the beauty of the property. If there is a correction on color, then there is the aspect of enhancement. Real estate photo editing for the most part deals with making sure that the colors are popping out where accents can be subtle yet discoverable. It will be convenient in most cases where real estate photography editing software provides artificial intelligence and recognition to easily adjust these and provide pre-set options for professionals to use.

Retouching for a Reason

The last part of boosting property sales with real estate photo editing lies in the ability of retouching to capture the hearts of potential buyers. Retouching is normally the final process where a quality check is done and where a clean-up is made.

  1. Objects removal – Selling a property is important in such a way that making it look habitable is a salient point. This means that when a property is currently occupied but up for sale, certain items need to go. These items include unsightly outdoor property such as garbage cans, lawn mowers, ladders, and the likes. These can be physically removed at a later time but has not been perhaps due to time constraints and the photo shoot must happen. There are numerous real estate photo editing tools and techniques that could get this done and doing the due diligence will spell the difference between sold and stale.
  2. Localized adjustments – Previously, there had been adjustments in color, light, and sharpness but they were done on a larger scale which means the entire image has been adjusted. Localized changes refer to the areas where a brush here and there will help improve the image by leaps and bounds. For instance, the dodge and burn tool is a brush-like tool that allows you to brighten or darken select areas that are bounded by the tool’s borders. Sharpen tools also have the same equivalents where areas that could be overdone with too much adjustment in sharpness are left a little bit blurred and then just touched up on during retouching.


Boosting a property’s sale will entail ensuring that all foundational techniques in real estate photo editing is covered. The reason why this is done is because raw images alone won’t do the trick in drawing people’s attention to be interested in a property and this is due to the inherent flaws in all cameras that simply couldn’t match the power of the human eye. Being able to polish, emphasize, and retouch an image through real estate photography editing is a way for images to make a transformation without losing its identity. In fact, you are simple making it bolder and better for people to notice.