How to Photograph Home Interior and Editing It Like a Pro

Photograph Home Interior and Editing

A whole lot of effort goes into selling properties and why not? People spend a lot of their lifetimes in their abodes while making the most out of the time they have with their families. When it comes to purchasing a home, people look for properties that are apt for their needs and of course, a little bit of charm for their liking. Real estate businesses prowl on such facts, further abetted by real estate photo editing. Now the selling points of homes might be different from one another but thinking about where people spend most of their time in, it is indoors. Therefore, home interior photo editing takes its place up in a pedestal.

However, prior to any post-processing tasks, home interior photo editing must be fed with the right images, so to speak, to help recreate the actual property photos in the best way for the potential buyers to see. In other words, real estate photo editing must be executed flawlessly end-to-end to ensure the output comes out as expected.

Taking Stunning Interior Photos

The first part of achieving photos perfect for home interior photo editing is getting the photography right. After which, real estate photo editing takes over and works its magic for that wow factor in images.

  • Use as much natural light over artificial ones – One of the misconceptions of those who are new to the industry may have is that more light is better. More natural light, that is. Natural light will help make a photo look more appealing because it will be funneled and channeled through windows, hence, making a more dramatic entrance and overall effect into interiors. Also, if interior lighting is not of a natural color, then it might do more harm than good especially in real estate photo editing.
  • Spend time to unclutter the room, then create a beautiful arrangement – There are perks to having interior designers curate an arrangement for interiors and that is making the room look homey and cozy. Also take the time to remove unwanted furniture and accessories in the room. Perhaps focus on the more unkempt looking items and start there. The end product should showcase an immaculate view, worthy of being enhanced with home interior photo editing.
  • Take it easy on the wide-angle and fisheye lenses – The temptation is real when there is an opportunity to capture a photo that makes the room look wide or perhaps an opportunity to snap the entire interior in 1 photo. We are not saying to throw these lenses away, all that we are recommending is to use these with caution else, you might find yourself tied down with so much time during real estate photo editing trying to fix curves and distortions.
  • Pay attention to details – Details matter when it comes to sprucing up interiors. For instance, try putting in vases on coffee tables to add a little bit of color and life or perhaps adding some plates and cutlery on the dining table. Home interior photo editing will benefit from these photography add-ons as the saying goes, it is the little things that matter.
  • Set a low height for taking photos – Now here is one gem of a tip if there ever was one. Photography should be done from the hip level, and not on the eye level when standing up. You might notice some photographers crouching down or using a tripod to control the level. By doing this, you are making sure that the perspective is levelled, the lines within the picture are not skewed. This now makes the real estate photo editing process easier to make attractive photos.

Interior Post-Processing Tips

Now that you are ready to hit the computer for post-processing, take these tips into consideration when enhancing your photos. These are the must-haves at the basic level before you jump off to any fancy real estate editing techniques.

  1. Distribute the light and correct the white balance.

Light is important for visibility and cleanliness purposes. Someone viewing a photo whose light distribution is uneven will find the image unattractive and will immediately move on to the next making the opportunity a wasted one. Hand-in-hand, correct the white balance of the image if it picks up a color that is dominant within the image.

  1. Capture the view from the window.

A compelling reason for people to buy properties is based on what they see outside the window. A breath-taking view is more than enough for most people to forget their worries and embrace their properties for what they are. Real estate photo editing includes several techniques that enable images to see the view from the window even if the photo was taken with a glare. The window pull and window masking techniques, along with bracketed and HDR photography will help you navigate this aspect of home interior photo editing.

  1. Check for color casts and correct the colors.

Color correction is always essential. Dull images of interiors whose colors do not incite any emotions can simply bid goodbye to any chance of being sold. Real estate photo editing endeavors to make colors vibrant and at the same time, correct any unnecessary hues called color casts.

  1. The correct perspectives are essential.

Spend some time to straighten out lines that may have curved up during the photo shoot. A lot of real estate photo editing software out there provides the means to rectify these issues, making the image look realistic and attractive.

  1. Retouch and clean-up

Last but not the least, do a good round of retouching on each image. Remove unwanted objects, blemishes, and clutter that might have been missed. You can also create localized brightening and darkening during retouching which makes it altogether a worthwhile activity in home interior photo editing.


Potential buyers will love to see a justified representation of their future home, especially in a space that they know they will spend most of their days in. It would be a sin to let beautiful interiors go to waste. This is why people are adamant about interior real estate photography and photo editing therefore a good photo shoot coupled with home interior real estate photo editing pro moves will always be your best bet.