Top 5 Real Estate Photo and Video Editing Hacks to Make Things Look More Professional

Top 5 Real Estate Photo and Video Editing Hacks to Make Things Look More Professional

Real estate photo and video editing has always been done the way we know that brings out the best outcome for everyone including your clients, the real estate business. Even real estate photo editing video editing services have over time, delivered on their promise to provide nothing but high-quality images for viewers to set their eyes on. In cases where a job gets too routinary and delivers over and over again on proven results, there will no longer be any question or doubt to understand what makes it work like magic or what happens if something in the formula has changed. Real estate photo and video editing thus might fall into the danger of being stuck in its current ways and led to believe that it will stand the test of time without ever changing.

Fortunately, every job including real estate photo and video editing will have its quick tips and useful hacks. Some might feel like there isn’t much since editing will have all things figured out and in the open. While this is true for some, there are things most people tend to overlook and having a reminder on what they are and what they can do will do so much more benefit that any harm. With this, hacks exist to ensure that your work is done without compromise, increased efficiency, and a look that will be praised as the work of skilled craftsmen.

What Professional Work Looks like

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In order to make sure that deviating from the usual still works or gives an even better result, we must understand what beautiful and professional means in the context of real estate photo and video editing. Every editor will surely have their own version of what this means, but at the bottom of it all, what matters is how potential buyers perceive the photo on their eventual journey to purchasing a property. Therefore, being able to show something that contains utmost pristineness works best and is the common understanding of professional work in the following aspects.

1. No trace of changes

Real estate photo and video editing requires a lot of manipulation of the image or clip. Sometimes you have to change the look and feel through the colors while some cases require you to drastically make removals and replacements. These, while done excellently by every real estate photo and video editing service, is still a critical item on the checklist to be reviewed over and over for any traces of changes.

2. Smooth visualization and effects

Mostly for real estate video editing software, the ability to be able to show an edit that encompasses moment and moments of videos is a sign of competency and professionalism. A moving clip will definitely be more challenging that a still shot because your edits will need to be precise and non-obvious. Some would resort to cuts as a transition or to augment a clip with an appropriate successor of a video but whatever happens, even the transition effects have to be seamless.

3. Appeal is unparalleled

Real estate photo and video editing aims to produce photos that please. This objective has been the pinnacle of enhancement and getting to a point where your edits become the industry’s best is what you must consider as a recognition point rather than the finish line. See, appeal in the eyes if potential buyers may change. Times change. Technology changes. All these bring about higher expectations to use better technology or use newer techniques which editors and professionals alike must always be keen on continuously learning.

Top 5 Hacks to Get the Job Done

Editing Hacks

Now, you might say that these hacks aren’t new. Some would be embedded into your daily editing routine, but let’s pause for a second and think about how much we have come to be able to make this decision. Sometimes we don’t get it immediately from the start and thus, a good understanding would help us fathom whatever it is we are doing or about to learn.

1. Use layers to ensure pristine work

We could get excited and jump the gun of real estate photo and video editing, applying the changes and managing our work from there one step at a time. However, we are forgetting that we are given the feature of layers to ensure each object within the frame is enclosed and isolated such that none of the other changes done spills over unintentionally to the other parts.

2. Shortcut keys help you work faster

Real estate video editing software that also double as image editors like Photoshop have incorporated shortcut keys into the mix. You can easily increase or decrease brush size with the “[“ or “]” buttons, or even select a tool by choosing a letter. “L” will get you to select Lasso tools while “B” gets you the brush tool. Take a look for yourself and discover what other shortcuts are available.

3. Use more than 1 tool for the same edit

If for instance you are getting rid of an object right smack in the middle of the photo, consider using multiple tools to get the job done and see which one works best. You have options such as the clone stamp tool, maybe the healing brush tool, or go for a good old selection and then deletion.

4. Get an application with AI

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Artificial intelligence in real estate photo and video editing speeds up the job. It provides predictive options which will offer an end state while you are in the process of just thinking about doing it. This way, you get to save a lot of time and AI is designed to read the photo and recognize complexity within it, making the finish clean and accurate enough to be called professional.

5. Outsource the job

The greatest hack of them all? Outsource real estate photo and video editing. All the things you need to get your time back and still get the photos you need whether in small or large volumes will still be done without compromise. Furthermore, outsourced services will have all the advanced technologies making sure your asks are granted.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, 5 things that may help you get your photos to look as professional as the can be without the hassle of micromanaging every detail. These hacks provide a way for you to move forward and still expect an output to show your client with the best quality they can get.