Real Estate Editing to Replace Overcast Skies That Won’t Break the Bank

real estate editing replace overcast skies

It sucks when the photo shoot is muddled with clouds all over, preventing the sun from shining its vibrant light all over the property’s exterior. Not to mention the shots taken from inside the house, you could only imagine the sadness starting to envelope the scene. In comes real estate editing to replace overcast skies. If you will look through the list of most common techniques even by real estate photo enhancement services, you will notice its frequency of use as well as height in demand.

Now the law of supply and demand dictates that as supply goes up, prices go down but when demand exceeds supply, then prices hike up. This way, you will know if something should be priced reasonably expensive or within the realms of affordability. However, also throw in the complexity that would otherwise make the real estate editing to replace overcast skies a tad bit more expensive that it normally would. It all depends on how your photos is at the time it is handed over to the real estate photo enhancement service. In a state that really needs more than just saving, you might be looking at a hefty price tag. Should you choose to do it yourself, it could save you a buck or two with a trade-off on the speed you could be easily giving up.

With all these in mind, how do we now find the balance on real estate editing to replace overcast skies? How should we deal with such cases? What are our options to go about it? And how can we not spend too much money or time on it?

Dealing With Overcast Skies

At the onset of the shoot, the gloomy mood will already be visible through the clouds hovering over the general area. Option 1 is to pack up and go home or you may want to think about challenging yourself and going with option 2 which is a combination of smarter photography and real estate editing to replace overcast skies.

Braving the clouds and marching on to door number 2 requires you to prepare your gear to maximize the light you have through your flash. You can make it bounce from the skies or simply just take the photography head on with some HDR shots as well. The more important thing here is that you are diligent enough to meet your client’s required timing. There are options down the line to contract real estate photo enhancement services if you feel like you are not up to the task and these services will be more than happy to give you something of quality in return.

How are Skies Replaced?

Real estate images looking like the stone-cold emotions they have with a cloudy background will definitely look like the life was sucked right out of it. Real estate editing to replace overcast skies in a nutshell, removes the background, puts on a sunny day, and blends the whole photo together so it will look cohesive. In some photo editing software, you may find that the methods are still multi-procedural with being able to outline the property, the trees, and all of the land-dwelling items so you can isolate the sky away from it. However, in some applications, one-click features have been incorporated to give the user a more efficient workaround with the help of artificial intelligence.

Most real estate photo enhancement services can do it in both ways, but some would still prefer to do it old-school because they are more in control of the quality without leaving the confidence to the AI. The human touch is still more reliable in certain situations, and this is one of those that needs to be trusted with a professional hand.

How Can I Enhance My Real Estate Photos?

Outsource the job

Real estate photo enhancement services for jobs like these will give you an edge when it comes to time and money. Imagine this thought. Every picture you took of every angle in the property that needs sky replacement, it will each need to be enhanced separately unless you already possess the AI-backed software for an easier replacement. Otherwise, it will be a time-consuming process. Handing this to real estate photo enhancement services then gives you your time back and, on their side, they may assign more than one editor for the entire job making it speedier without charging you an arm and a leg.

Second consideration for choosing to go for a real estate photo enhancement service is the cost which is best illustrated with an example. Highly likely that you will have multiple projects at a time. To get paid by your client, you first have to deliver on time and in the right quality. Without either, you’re left with all the images with no payment to compensate for your short-fallen effort. The opportunity losses on this front could stack up to more than what you might be spending for an outsourced service to get this done. So what you are actually playing with here is the certainty of profit rather than gambling on the chance to save but not deliver the output.

Smart Spending

Keeping your wallet from weeping is also a priority. When deciding to get a service for real estate editing to replace overcast skies, go for subscription plans or consider promotions and packages. This stretches your dollar even if you have a long-term binding partnership because come to think of it, your job as a real estate photography professional won’t come to a screeching halt anytime soon. So, consider this as an investment which will not be all that expensive anyway.

Final Thoughts

Let’s face it, in one of the more frequent techniques that you will need to apply on your images, spending some money on it won’t hurt at all. Real estate editing to replace overcast skies is a task that you may want to throw into an outsourced service along with the enhancement of the entire image. Shelling out that money will not make a huge dent into your operating funds and if anything, it will ensure you have continuity and consistency across your business, making your clients happy and thus your income the same as well.