Choosing the Perfect Sky Replacement Settings for Your Real Estate Photo Editing

Choosing the Perfect Sky Replacement Settings for Your Real Estate Photo Editing

In the masterful art of real estate photo editing, nothing quite stands out as much as sky replacement does. It completely changes the mood and complexity of the photo, not to mention the perception of viewers upon first glance. Being able to change the sky is also one of the greatest secrets of real estate photo editing services. It gives the power of warmth to the real estate client just by making a photo look sunny. With this, it is not a mystery that editors always try and look for the best combination of settings to make the photo look its best.

However, don’t beat yourself up when it comes to chalking up that perfect set-up. There is such a thing in real estate photo editing that is called style and preference. These play to the taste of the client and potential buyer, making no strict adjustments that would otherwise make a photo wrong. Sky replacement in real estate photo editing software doesn’t come with a set of instructions nor a recipe with pinpoint precise measurements. It all boils down to how you can artistically make the image stand out and perform its intended purpose.

What is Sky Replacement?

But hold on a second. What exactly is sky replacement in real estate photo editing? By its name, it is simply changing the sky in the background and making it look brighter. Who doesn’t want to see a sunny day, right? Beyond just replacing the sky is also making sure the background blends in well with the foreground. It won’t make much sense if they are contrasting in nature as viewers will perceive your work to be manipulative and unprofessional.

Some of the benefits of this real estate photo editing technique include helping the property be sold faster. While this mind-boggling effect happens in the industry, it normally works through the power of psychology. That is, giving a feeling of warmth that eventually creeps into the emotions of people, giving them the impression and feeling of happiness which leads them to make clearer decisions. If this real estate photo editing technique didn’t exist, we would probably be looking at overcasts, rainy skies, and even depressing weather. The impact of such now turns people away and makes the entire photo feel cold and dead, rather than the one springing with life and joy.

How Can I Make My Sky Replacement Look Natural?

Sky Replacement

Knowing that your real estate photo editing software can carry such a task, you know compel yourself to bring out that sunny day in that real estate shot. Thing is, what are the levels acceptable in making this come to life without seemingly overdoing it. The ask at hand requires understanding of several aspects with no single instruction to determine the acceptability of an outcome. With this, check out these sky replacement tips to make sure you get the right settings you want with your real estate photo editing software.

1. The Right Background

Choosing a background might sound like an easy enough ask and that’s because it is. The selection process is one of the first steps in the process of real estate photo editing for sky replacements but in order to find one that fits the bill, you have got to have several options. Now, getting stock photos of a sunny day can be acquired via previous photoshoots or even available images across the internet. What’s important here is that the chosen sky must complement the color of the property and be something you know you can adjust.

2. Foreground Brightness

With no intention of adjusting the foreground, sky replacement in real estate photo editing would be futile. You must adjust both the exposure and brightness levels to match the tone of the sky and the overall mood of the photo. If your property sat on an overcast sky, it would definitely get the vibe of the current image. Now that you’ve replaced the sky, the foreground won’t automatically change. You have to toggle your brightness settings and play with tonal curves in order to match it with the background.

The Concept of Optimal Settings

Sky Replacement

Over and over, the thought that no single set of settings exist for sky replacement in real estate photo editing helps create a space of creativity for professionals and editors. However, moving without bounds can be quite chaotic and challenging at the same time because you lose precision when no accuracy is even required. Your inspiration behind the output should stem from somewhere and these might be sources of such.

1. Customer Dictated

From experience, you may already know what sells and what doesn’t. Real estate photo editing has been around for quite some time and correlations can be made with enhanced images and sold properties. Which ones were the front runners? Which ones were enhanced, and which ones weren’t? These leading questions help to uncover what road you should take in sky replacement and let your real estate editing prowess take over from here.

2. Expertise and Learning

Another driver of inspiration could be your technical knowledge in real estate photo editing. Should you have an eye for blending exposures and color into a sky that has been incorporated into the background, then by all means exercise that creativity! There is no better way to learn than to do things hands on.

Leaving it With Capable Hands

The task of levelling the photo to make it look natural could be quite the hard work. Fortunately, there are outsourced real estate photo editing services. These companies or organizations exist to take the work off of your hands while making sure the result still carries your branding and your style. Most real estate photo editing services are comprised of professionals who have been working on enhancing images for many years. This gives you confidence that they can perform sky replacement without you sweating about it. The number won’t matter as well. Services such as can make life easier for you whether it’s one photo today or tens of images by tomorrow. They can and they will find ways for you to get what you need when you need it at prices that will put a smile on your face.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. The concept of a perfect sky replacement and its settings is all a matter of being able to curate a photo that looks cohesive and properly done. You have it in you to make the right output and all you need is to look at how you want to do it and what you want to achieve.