Real Estate Photo Window Masking as a Service

real estate window masking

The photo editing software is both a toolbox and a box of chocolates. You never know what’s in there until you actually take everything out and use them for whatever purpose they may serve. Along your journey in real estate photo editing, there is a technique called real estate photo window masking which is a set of tools and procedures that when combined, merit it to be called a technique. Real estate window masking is one of those heavily used terms as well as procedures due to the reality of the photography of interior photos being a difficult task.

Now, we understand how each photo carries its own weight in helping make a sale and the ability of the image to charm or allure a buyer means that along the entire chain of processes, editing has done its job right and marketing has as well. The bottom line is, pushing the right buttons to be able to generate that honest revenue is the measure of success for the real estate business. Real estate window masking might come off as a minute part of the entire chain but due to the frequency and range of applications to every interior photo, it simply just cannot be scratched off the credits.

Window Masking

Defining real estate photo window masking is straightforward. It is allowing the view outside the window to be included in the image granted the technique is executed properly and cleanly. So now, people might be curling up their foreheads wondering isn’t the view always included? Are we fabricating a view? The answer is a big no.

Making the window visible is a big challenge since we are always on the hunt for a bright interior shot. The trade off? Our source of light bouncing off of the glass of the windows. But there’s a way. Well, this phenomenon is highly influenced by the ability to switch exposures. Sometimes even the choice of HDR shots would be the key to all this but that would be an overkill. All you will need is 2 shots. The first is the interior brightly lit and visible with the window probably gobbled up by light. The second is the view of the outside seen through the lenses of the camera while the interior is dark and gloomy. See where we are headed? Real estate photo window masking requires at least these two to work before you hop on into your editing software. But before you do, double or even triple check the quality of the image as they need to be perfectly identical and crisp. Setting up this shot for the next stage is just as important as making sure you put butter on your pan before frying that egg.

Why Window Masking is a Staple Technique for Services

In the grander scheme of things, real estate window masking as a service is one of the must-haves in your requests and outsourced companies would gladly oblige understanding the struggle and impact this would create during the time of photography and thus, is something clients would find in the menu of services.

  • The Struggle is Real with Glare

As earlier mentioned, glare from the window is a sight for sore eyes. With he number of flashes you have with you, there will definitely be a 100% chance of reflection. In other cases, real estate window masking arrests glares coming from the blinding sun. I mean, we all love shooting at the height of noon to be able to get the best-lit images, but it doesn’t come without a draw back or two especially for interior shots. So going back, even if your camera is the most expensive out there, this problem will persist due to the law of physics.

  • It’s a Waste to Let Go of the View

Real estate photo window masking is ultimately a selling point in itself. People love to buy houses but some won’t it due to the absence of a breath-taking view.  So, by the law of transitivity, real estate window masking helps sell. But seriously speaking. If a house is situated in a suburban area that boasts of hiking trails, forests, or even beaches, the view has to be there to let people know what they will be waking up to everyday. It’s a shame to let this go to waste as this might even be the reason why the value of the property is even up there to begin with.

  • Services Know You Need to Sell Fast

Well, the business of real estate is one that never sleeps. People need to find houses to live in and whoever can give them what they are looking for wins in this game. Real estate photo window masking is a powerful weapon in making your sales materials shine like gold. Remember, people are no longer quick to make a phone call to their real estate agent as a first step because everything is on the internet for their eyes to feast on. What better way to put your offerings out there than to post a perfectly executed real estate photo window masking technique.

Effective Touch Ups After Window Masking

  • Cleaning Up After Ourselves

As most real estate editing services go, there needs to be a level of cleanliness to the work. If real estate window masking is offered as a service, you better bet it is done right. This means that as two images are overlapped against each other, there should be no room for doubt nor traces of a superimposition. Editors in doing the real estate photo window masking technique should also be keen on stepping back and making sure that the whole picture looks cohesive and by this we mean that there is no noticeable difference in color nor brightness. It has to look solid.

Final Thoughts

So there. The way real estate window masking is done is something any client should expect to be done right and clean. The impact it has as a staple in photography and editing as well as the listing is incomparable to the effort on how it is done. Being able to appreciate and trust a service who can do this properly will spell a fast turnover on sales and more importantly, a reputation you will not let go of for many years to come.