Top DIY Tripod Substitute for Real Estate Photography

best diy tripod

Whether it’s the lack or budget or mere forgetfulness that’s always the cause for the lack of a tripod in photo shoots, these shouldn’t come in the way of a photographer being able to improvise. See, a tripod aims to stabilize the camera such that real estate photo photography can achieve its goal of crisp and clear images. If stabilization is the function we are after, then there is nothing stopping us from looking at alternatives to act as an agent of balance. Being able to do so also gauges how much your real estate DIY photography skills are, and perhaps it can be a test of frugality and practicality because as necessary as it is to have a tripod, many other everyday items can provide the same function.

This is, however, not to downplay the ability of people to purchase accessories and tripods. This is simply meant to point people who cannot, for any reason, own a tripod but still want to passionately perform real estate DIY photography. Fact is, it is a craft and a profession that is open to anyone and everyone. All it requires is the passion to execute and the basic equipment to get those images rolling.

Your Choices for a DIY Tripod

Here are some options for looking at alternatives to a tripod. These are everyday household items that can be found and utilized without spending a penny to be able to do your realty editor-photography.

  1. Coffee table – Every property may come with a little bit of furniture, save for those who are perhaps brand new and haven’t been staged. Nevertheless, a coffee table will come in handy especially for low level shots to capture great depths of perspective. After all, real estate DIY photography is all about being creative and resourceful. Another great aspect of using a coffee table is its mobility. Real estate photo photography requires a lot of movement here and there to capture everything the property has to offer, and this could just be your best friend during the shoot.
  2. Stack of Books – It’s cheap and its everywhere. Books can be found by borrowing from the neighbor or from your personal collection, so you won’t be hampered by your quest to finish your real estate DIY photography. Stacked books or even magazines, can provide a great alternative to a tripod delivering stability and adjustable height on demand. Of course, the higher you want to go, the more books you need and acquiring tens of books could be a problem when some of them are very thin.
  3. Bar Stools – If you are looking for one of the best alternatives there are, then a bar stool could be your choice. Real estate photo photography, as mentioned, requires a heck of a lot of movement throughout the property. One minute you are in the kitchen and the other you are in the backyard. A bar stool will be another great alternative to carry around for its size and weight, not to mention the height. It also stands on four legs so even at heights that match your hip, it will be one sturdy partner.
  4. Brick layered fences – This might come in handy for exterior shots around the perimeter of the property. It is also one of the most stable alternatives for your real estate DIY photography due to its immovable and wide surface areas. It might also be a problem if you need to capture an exterior shot from a distance, so perhaps you can bother your neighbor right across the property to borrow theirs so you can have your cake and eat it too.
  5. Super clamps – Rummage through your tool shed and you could end up stumbling upon a super clamp. These can make your real estate photo photography shoot a real walk in the park. Super clamps can hold on to any surface and keep still while you mount the camera on the threaded top and snap away some gorgeous images. These will work extremely well with anchor points in the interior of the property such as tables, bars, and even shelves. Just make sure the clamp is tightly wound to make sure you don’t make a trip down to the camera store to replace your broken one.
  6. Kitchen Roll cores – These could be the more uncommon things you can find as it is habitually thrown away after each roll is consumed. If you’ve managed to save any, you can put them together and tape them up so they form a nice thick and solid surface that would avoid stumbling and at the same time, accommodate a camera on top. You might also want to save these for future use as they do not consume much space and is a good accessory for real estate photo photography due to its ability to be placed on any surface.
  7. Sack of uncooked Rice – A sack of uncooked rice is a flexible and highly re-shapable household alternative to a tripod. A sack can be flatted at the top and bottom to increase its surface area and provide a hefty base to avoid being knocked down. One thing that you have to be careful of thought is not to stack these sacks if you need higher levels of shooting height unless you have at least 12 large sacks of uncooked rice. This way you can pile them up like sandbags and they will be very difficult to budge.
  8. Luggage – Imagine conveniently rolling your tripod around where you are in the property to conduct your real estate DIY photography shoot. That would be might convenient. Well, a luggage provides just that. Grab a luggage with four wheels, preferably. Bring this around and mount your camera on top, making sure that the surface is flat and isn’t unstable.


There are many other DIY tripod ideas you can find just scattered around the property. All it takes it the right mindset of ingenuity and creativity to be able to figure out which one you can pull out and use. Perhaps after some time, you will be able to get the hang of looking for everyday items as a practical replacement to a tripod, or if you are simply ready to buy one, then by all means you should. But for the meantime, these should suffice and give you the functions you need from a tripod.