Top Real Estate Video Editing Apps You Must Use in 2021

Top Real Estate Video Editing Apps You Must Use in 2021

Real estate video editing is in as much demand as real estate photo editing in recent times. The increased accessibility of people to internet connections allows them to find anything and everything over the web. Professionals must have a reliable software they can utilize to take advantage of this trend.

App Essentials to Consider When Making a Choice

Not all real estate video editing applications are made equal. Some work like real estate photo editing software with limited features while others give a full-blown range of toys to work with. But in considering what you must be looking for to say that this is a real estate video editing application I can use for the long haul, then think about these three things.

  1. Inclusion of basic tools

While most real estate video editing apps that are built in with specific realty editor software contain the base foundation of tools you need, you can not be assured with stand alone real estate video editing software. Check out of there are color correction palettes, brightness and exposure adjustments, sharpness, and text editors. These will significantly make your real estate video editing journey a lot easier.

  1. Ability to export videos in high definition

One of the commonalities of real estate video editing and real estate photo editing is its demand for a high-quality output. This means that the output must be visible, eye-catching, and realistic looking. Make sure that the real estate video software of your choice does not diminish video quality when rendered and maintains the integrity of pixels and the promised definition.

  1. Adaptability of formats for different ad platforms.

Another basic function you must watch out for in real estate video editing apps is its ability to adapt to different aspect ratios. The implication of being able to do so can let you and your real estate client upload the work in almost any type of internet platform such as websites, social media, and blogs. Much like real estate photo editing, the aspect ratio is also critical in dictating output quality and definition.

Go Free or Pay?

In every decision for this type of situation, there is an option to use a free application if it suffices your needs or go for a paid subscription. If you are wondering which one you might go for, then consider some of these factors.

First is the cost-benefit. On an annual basis perhaps, sum up the total cost you will incur if you choose to go for a paid subscription. Compare this with the potential business you will close out for the year and if the features of the paid subscription will be of any contribution to it. Take the difference of your potential earnings to your costs, and if it turns out to be a good profit, then go for it.

Second consideration is your appetite for risk. Sometimes you simply cannot predict how business will be, but you can very well say how aggressive you want to be in gaining new clients and taking in more work. So, consider a paid subscription if you feel like you really want to grow your business but go paid if you feel like you want to test the waters first.

At the end of the day, it is your assessment on how you believe you want to move forward with your business. The choice of a free or paid subscription will depend on aggressiveness, risk appetite, and growth mindset.

real estate video editing - free or pay

Top Editing Apps to Choose From

  1. Videoshop

Being a mobile device-based application, Video shop is one real estate video editing application to be reckoned with. It has all the bells and whistles from cutting and splicing clips, merging them, text additions, sounds, music, etc. It also has a change of speed feature where you can use this to help emphasize certain parts of the property even longer.

  1. Filmora by Wondershare

Filmora is perfect for those who are beginning their journey in real estate video editing but doesn’t discount those who already are into it. It can be installed in a computer and a mobile device with all the video editing capabilities that you may be familiar with on older names that cater to both real estate photo editing and video editing.

  1. Rocketium

If you are looking for a real estate video editing application that does it all, Rocketium could be the answer to your prayers. It is artificial intelligence backed to make editing simpler and easier and this software also facilitates collaboration which means you can work on a project collectively from anwywhere. It also features a file management module so you can confidently store photos without losing them.

  1. WeVideo

WeVideo is one of the more known cloud based real estate video editing applications. Should you be familiar with real estate photo editing apps that use the cloud, it means you get internet-based storage, but for this one it only goes up to 10GB.  However, the upside is that your video quality is never compromised and if you upload something in 4k, you can download it in the same 4k quality.

  1. Animoto

In its free-to-use version, Animoto is already highly reliable. It can churn out high quality videos in a matter of clicks, using pre-sets and filters that can already set standards high. Using its premium version even allows you to create videos in high definition and gives you the chance to access the computer-based application. In this list of real estate video editing apps, this could be a good choice to go for.

  1. Lightworks

Probably the top choice for this list (saving the best real estate video editing app for last) is Lightworks. This has been the go-to for professionals in the movie industry but don’t let that threaten you in any way. There is a free version that is already sufficient in delivering high quality videos so buying the premium subscription will definitely come out as a bonus.


So, there you have it. In a growing state for internet-based material, real estate video editing should be no slouch to catch up. In fact, real estate video editing applications out there are aplenty but going for one that meets your criteria of needs and utilization highly depends on how much you are really into this aspect of the business. Much like real estate photo editing, real estate video editing requires a certain standard of excellence that is grounded on features and perhaps the offerings it can give for a premium cost. All in all, assess your needs, make a choice, and simply go for it.